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Silica Glass
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Silica glass is a kind of glass as the name is implied, but silica glass is composed of by almost only SiO2, while, on the other hand, other glasses are composed of by various kinds of elements. The amount of metallic impurity contained in silica glass is extremely little, and even silica glass having large amount of metallic impurity has only several 10 ppm and silica glass having small amount of metallic impurity has less than 10 ppb. In this way, the fact that the purity is extremely high brings to silica glass the excellent characteristics of silica glass which cannot be seen in other glasses.

Features of Silica Glass

  1. Superb Transparency Silica glass has excellent transmission characteristic in a wide range of wavelength, covering not only visible range but ultraviolet and infrared
  2. High Purity  Silica Glass is composed of SiO2 only and does contains very little amount of metallic impurity.
  3. High Heat Resistance Deformation temperature of Silica Glass is as extremely high as 1700 degree C and therefore Silica Glass can be well used at such high temperature as around 1000 degree C. And further, it can be durable against rapid temperature change due to its small coefficient of thermal expansion.
  4. Excellent Chemically Inertness Silica Glass is extremely chemically stable and it has excellent chemical resistance. However, good care must be taken in case when it is used with hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, or alkaline solutions for long time because it may be etched by those chemicals.

Silica Glass Material

Our company is to manufacture products by selecting material, which is optimum to the customers’ required quality and specifications, out of silica glass materials manufactured by Tosoh SGM, one of our affiliated companies.
In this website, we introduce the lineups of silica glass material and the various kinds of characteristics, but as for the detailed data of the materials, please refer to the below-listed website of TOSOH CORPORATION.

Lineup of Major Silica Glass Material

Category Process Grade Features
Fused Silica Glass Oxy-hydrogen flame fusion N Semiconductor standard grade,Less Bibbles
NP High-purity grade of N
S High-purity grade with good light transmission
OP-1 Semiconductor standard grade opaque
OP-3 Semiconductor high-purity grade opaque
Electrically fusion HR Semiconductor standard grade,High heat resistance
HRP High-purity grade of HR
Synthetic Silica Glass Oxy-hydrogen flame fusion
(Verneuil type process)
ES Standard optical grade for optics
ESL-1 Standard optical grade with 1D striae free
ESL-1000 Enhance excimer durability for ESL-1
ESL-2 Good homogeneity with 3D striae free
ESL-2000 Enhance excimer durability for ESL-2
Oxy-hydrogen flame fusion
(VAD process)
ED-H Good homogeneity with 3D striae free
ED-C Very low OH content (OH content < 1ppm)

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