Tosoh Quartz Corporation

Precision Products

One of our goals since our company was established has been to produce quality precision parts. We started off by producing spectrophotometer cells, then expanded our product lineup to include analytical & diagnostic instruments as well as products for other areas. Now we use our processing technology to produce and supply a variety of silica glass precision parts for the market. Recently, we expanded our application fields even further by adding lithography and etching technologies to our technical lineup.

Precision Products: Classification and Products

Product Classification Products
Analytical & Diagnostic Instrument Parts Optical Cells
Microfluidic Chips
Manufacturing & Inspection Equipment Parts Nozzles
Polished Products Polished Substrate
Other products Linear Light

Optical Cell

Silica glass cells are used in many diagnostic/analytical instruments because of their excellent optical and chemical-resistance features. One of the most important applications is a Flow Cytometry Cell that is used in hematology/urinalysis analyzers to measure scattering light and fluorescence.
We also deliver other types of cells designed to match our clients’ requirements, including fluorescence/ refractive index detector cells for liquid chromatographs, and ultra-short path length cells for absorbance detectors.

Flow Channel Cell Specifications and Variations

Item Specification
Channel Size ≧□0.05mm
Channel Size Accuracy ±0.02mm Typical(±0.005mm Available)
Channel Length ≧0.1mm

Rectangular as well as square shape channels are available.

Specifications for ultra-short path length cell for absorbance detector

Item Specification
Optical path length 10~200μm
Path length accuracy ±5%

Microfluidic Chip

Microfluidic chips are ultra-precision machined products that have minute micron-order channels that are formed on a silica glass substrate using photolithography technology. These chips are now being used to analyze minute samples and for micro-chemical synthesis. Using non-fluorescent, highly chemically resistant silica glass, we are combining our superior channel surface properties with our high-precision technology to create high-grade microfluidic chips.

Microfluidic Chip Specifications

Item Applicable area Note
Product Size ≦□5”
Channel Width ≧5μm 1μm; Currently under development
Channel Depth ≧2μm 1μm; Currently under development
Sample inlet hole diameter ≧φ100μm φ10μm; Currently under development

Typical values. Product specifications can be adjusted according to proposals.

Manufacturing & Inspection Equipment Parts

We also supply MEMS parts using the same technology we use to make Microfluidic chips. MEMS parts made from silica glass are stable across a wide range of temperatures because silica glass has a very small coefficient of expansion.
Silica glass is a superb material with its high-purity and excellence in light transmission and chemical inertness. It also has excellent thermal properties including great heat-resistance and a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. We utilize these properties to manufacture a wide variety of precision parts used in semiconductor manufacturing and optical communication-related instruments. We tailor our products from the most suitable material according to our customers’ quality and specification needs.

Material and Process Variations

Item Variation
Silica Glass Material Transparent, Opaque, Black quartz
Machining Grooving, Circular hole, Square hole
Surface Finish Optical polish, Flame polish, Ground
Masking Cr coating, Al coating, Masking with black quartz

Linear Light

Linear Light is a lighting component that uses silica glass rods. Its superb lighting characteristics, including its high uniformity of intensity, make it one of the most suitable lighting systems for scanner and inspection instruments that are used with CCDs or line sensors. Halogen and metal halide lamps as well as LED fiber light guides can be used as a light source. Linear Light also has a low thermal transmission coefficient.
Furthermore, since the rod and light source sections are separated from each other, Linear Light maintenance and lamp replacement is easy. Effective light emission lengths ranging from 100 mm to 3,000 mm are available.