Tosoh Quartz Corporation

Semiconductor Products

Products for Thermal Process

Tubes, boats, etc. are indispensable to the CVD and oxidation/diffusion processes. We are improving the quality of these products, including their heat resistance, purity, and particle measures, on a daily basis as these devices become more advanced. Our latest measuring technology, as well as our proven processing technology, are helping our company to meet our customers’ high-level demands. In order to meet the demand for larger sized products, we have developed large-diameter silica glass materials, including tubes and flanges exceeding 1,000 mm in diameter.

  • Tube

  • Flange

  • Large-Size Flange (Opaque)

Products for Etching Process

As silicon wafers become larger and etching devices more diversified, the level of surface uniformity and miniaturization required for silica glass products used in the etching process has become stricter. Our company is coping with these increasingly sophisticated requirements by introducing new processing methods and improved processing technology.

  • Plate

  • Ring